Sand Dunes at Fire Island

Sand Dunes at Fire Island

4 Responses to Sand Dunes at Fire Island

  1. moonbatty says:

    Love your new comments function. :) And beautiful shot of the dunes.

  2. Anand says:

    wow! nicely captured … elegant.

  3. mikhail says:

    i would have personally liked a bit more contrast :) but still nice shot

  4. My daughter (5) and I discovered your site when I googled her middle name–Taew. I was hoping to find the meaning of this name and I found so much more – for three nights we have viewed and oohed and aaahhhd over all of the photos and we have talked of the places you have seen and recorded-thank you for sharing your experience in our world. Should you choose to respond, perhaps you can tell me what “taew” means (Samantha is named for her late paternal grandmother that her father never knew)–Sincerely, Fran and Samantha….

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