Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant

4 Responses to Pitcher Plant

  1. nicole says:

    beautiful shot, caitlyn. the constrast between the pod and the grey/black background is stunning.

  2. mom says:

    it looks like a beggar’s purse..but natural and oh so

  3. mom says:

    also note the intertwining of the connecting natural
    root and stem -beautiful example of nature’s harmony.

  4. MrC says:

    i have loved pitcher plants since coming across them whilst walking through the mountains in Sarawak. Amazing example of how great & diverse nature is! I have 3 plants in my bathroom – a hanging one, a short fat one, & a tall thin one – the latter 2 have flowered over the past 2 years, & these too are amazing!

    oh, & beautiful picture of course!! ;)


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