Cashew Fruit

Cashew Fruit

8 Responses to Cashew Fruit

  1. mom says:

    how interesting! It looks almost freaky!
    I will never look at cashews quite the same.

  2. moonbatty says:

    That’s wild! :)

  3. redhead83402 says:

    This made us all laugh! Who knew that cashews were really fruit-turds? Is the red fruit edible, or is that poison as well?

  4. josh says:

    The fruit is absolutely delicious. It’s perfectly edible. Somewhat surprising that they don’t sell it in stores also, but perhaps they do not because it is so delicate.

  5. Bubble Butt says:


  6. stanley says:

    The fruit is delicious. U can buy this fruit at your local hispanic market. Unfortunately, they are frozen but if you leave them out for about 30 minutes to thaw, you can get pretty close to their natural taste.

  7. opie says:

    We hv this tree just outside our house when we was little. I like the fruit. When you eat the fruit, your mouth will be full of its juice. It is better it you spit the juice because its kind od too acidic for your stomach. The new leaves of this tree is also edible, delicious to eat as salad.

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