Manila Tamarind

Manila Tamarind

Manila Tamarind for sale at Aaw Taaw Gaaw market in Bangkok. This fruit is in the same family with the common hard-shelled brown version, but is not actually Tamarind. This species is native to Mexico, and was introduced to Asia, hence the Thai name 'Ma-khaam Tate' (มะขามเทศ) or 'Foreign Tamarind'.

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3 Responses to Manila Tamarind

  1. George Percy says:

    Hi Cait
    These are not Tamarind. They should have a different name. I love these. They call them Korkalikka in Tamil. You should get the Thai name for it.

  2. cee says:

    Thanks George — I just spent a few minutes looking up the name in Thai to find out what exactly they are. I assumed they were regular tamarind because they look so similar. I re-wrote the description and included the Thai name, as well as the common English name.

  3. Antonio says:

    It is called guamuchil native to Mexico

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