Việt Nam Is So Green

Việt Nam Is So Green

Many people ask me why I love Việt Nam so much. Why do I recommend people go visit with such enthusiasm, when all they hear is how much of a pain everything is? I always get curious looks when people who've been ask me if I liked Việt Nam, and I always gush about how much I love it. Really, Việt Nam's not an easy place to travel to, and I'm not pretending that it's cake and all fun. Well, people, here's your answer to why I love Việt Nam.

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4 Responses to Việt Nam Is So Green

  1. mom says:

    indeed. one of the most amazing moments of my life was when I woke up on the train and peered outside at the greenest, most lush landscape I have ever seen.Literally took my breath away…

  2. Dawn says:

    Power lines in water?

  3. cee says:

    Dawn – that’s nothing. You should see the ladder vendors on the street in Thailand using the power lines to lean their ladders for sale on. Or the guys who walk on the power cables to fix them. With no protection. Or the live power and extension cables outside during monsoon. :)

  4. I really like seeing your work. You are able to capture them perfectly. I like your work.

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