Citadel Throne

Citadel Throne

This is the Emperor's throne, inside the Citadel. The Citadel is essentially an Imperial City, like the Forbidden City in Beijing. You can read more about it here: Wikipedia.

A funny story goes along with this photo. I saw the throne, and I really wanted to take pictures of it, despite all the big 'NO PHOTO' signs everywhere. So I waited until all the guards were looking the other way, and I snapped three quick shots. Jett tried a few too, after I put my camera down. No guards saw either of us, but an American woman came up to Jett (who, keep in mind, most Vietnamese mistook as Vietnamese also) and started lecturing her, "Don't you see the sign?? It says 'NO PHOTO'! You can't take pictures here!". Jett was so stunned she couldn't say anything and ran away. Hilarious! So people, next time you sneak photos of off-limits government things, watch out for guards AND law-abiding American middle-aged women! I don't know which I'm more afraid of!

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