Homemade Peanut Butter


I decided to try making peanut butter on Friday. I went to the market and bought about a kilo of the small raw red Thai peanuts with the skins still on and roasted them in my oven for about 20 minutes until they were brown. I then peeled the skins off (there are still bits of peanut skin all over my apartment 4 days later). Then I ground them with a bit of oil in my spice grinder.

There’s a neat trick which I learned in Thailand – after you roast the peanuts, rub them together a bit with your hands to get the skins off. Then take the pan outside and blow – the skins will blow away because they are so light weight. You’re now left with just the peanuts.

The ratio is 1 cup peanuts + 1 teaspoon (bland tasting) oil. You can add other stuff too like salt and sugar or honey or whatever.


It was all great and yummy except I dulled my blades badly of my grinder. No worries, my new sharpening steel mostly fixed that problem.

Homemade peanut butter makes the best peanut butter cookies.

You should refrigerate this because it doesn’t have any preservatives… should last a couple weeks. Thanks to Cerissa for the photography!

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